Monday, September 11, 2017

Summing up Summer

I think this might be the longest I've gone without posting... That definitely wasn't my goal which is why I'm not going to extend that time any longer! So without further delay, here's a brief summary of my summer. It's been over 6 months since I last posted, so I'm actually going to to start with a few old pictures of notable moments from the end of last season. And I threw in few pictures from my spring vacation... because who doesn't want to see a few wildflower photos!

In March, four of my teammates and I
competed at World Cup Finals in
Quebec City (not pictured is Ben and Ida).
It was really fun to be there with my GRP
teammates and to have so many friends
and family members cheering for us
(photo: Gretchen Powers)

We wrapped up our season with SuperTour Finals in
Fairbanks, AK. The definite highlight of the week was the
team relay. Our wax-tech/friend Ollie stepped up to the plate
and raced the anchor leg so we could have an official team
which was awesome and a ton of fun!
Exploring Virginia! My mom and I camped on Lake
Moomaw for a few days which was lovely.
 It reminded me a bit of Vermont. 

More Virginia scenery

And, of course, some wildflowers!
This is a Bloodroot flower
(Sanguinaria canadensis)

And a flowering Eastern Redbud tree
 (Cercis canadensis)
One of my spring projects involved making a few
cork boards from wine corks I collected in middle school
from the park in front of the Eiffel Tower! As you can see,
I've been meaning to do this for a while...

As always summer has flown by in a blur of training, work, and family time. We do the bulk of our training volume in the summer as well as most of our work for the Center so we are kept on our toes. It's also the most time we spend at home in Vermont which makes it the perfect opportunity to hang with my family. I find it easy to be busy, but much harder to take the rest time I need. I'm getting better at that though! This summer we were again joined by three college skiers who were a lot of fun to train with and get to know. Here's a smattering of summer photos to illustrate some of my summer activities/adventures. There are quite a few nature photos, but just know that I did weed out a lot of them...

View from the top of Belvidere Mountain during 
an early summer hike with my sister
Looking out from Heavens Bench at Kingdom Trails.
I was quite happy to make it to Burke twice this summer
to go mountain biking!
Drafting some farm equipment (photo: Pepa)

Local barn dance fundraiser at the Rowell's! The barn
floor was bouncing so much I thought it might break!

Roof rafters

Finally some good weather for the weekly Tuesday Night
Citizens' Race! We have notoriously rainy/thundiferous
weather every Tuesday so we're always grateful when the
 sun peaks out. The solar panels also appreciated
the rays...  And the rainbow was an added bonus!

Got to spend every Wednesday afternoon 
biking with this fun crew!
My favorite view driving home to Elmore

Some cows chilling in their field

George the hiking newt

A Wood Turtle munching its leafy lunch

A dewy spiderweb

Some Chicken of the Woods

Off to the Entmoot!!
Millers on vacation - knitting and napping on the beach

One of the giant spinning machines at the Green Mountain
Spinnery! I had a lot of fun checking out all the machinery
and would love to see them in action sometime.
So much yarn! I've been doing some knitting
this summer in preparation for restocking
my Etsy shop this fall.
Summer at Elinors!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading and my next post will be from snowy New Zealand! And I won't wait six months to write it!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Vermont to the Midwest

After spending a lot of our winter on the road, it was really nice to settle in at home for three weeks (the most time I've spent in one place since the beginning of September). I got to catch up with some of my teammates who I hadn't seen for a while, spend time with my family, and take advantage of the best skiing I've seen in Vermont in two years! I also got to jump into some local races including the Craftsbury marathon (only the 12k race for me), the UVM carnival, and the Jericho NorAm.

Perfect corduroy right up to the back door thanks to the 
Craftsbury Outdoor Center grooming crew!
Craftsbury BKL was well represented at the marathon!
Just like old times! Playing Catan with Sam, Mary, and 
fomer GRPers Andrew and Pete while snacking on 
chocolate chips.
Driving home on one of my favorite roads
A rather snowy quarterfinal at the UVM carnival. It was so 
fun to race at Trapps again after an almost three year hiatus!
(photo: The Mama)
Hanging with Pepa at the UVM carnival
So nice to catch up with some of my dear Bowdoin 
friends/former teammates!
All three of us in one place! I was really happy to get to 
be at two of Hannah's carnival weekends while I was home.
The start of the women's pursuit race at the biathlon NorAm 
in Jericho. So much green! Congrats to Emily, Alex, and 
Hallie who qualified to go to Europe and race the IBU Cup!
(photo: The Mama)
Proof of my personal-best prone stage in a race!
(photo: The Mama)
Starting to feel a bit tired...
(photo: The Mama)
So happy that Dennis and Kari Jo could come watch me race!
Keeping busy with some more hat-knitting
The day after the last NorAm race, it was back on the road again. Our first stop was in Michigan for a SuperTour race weekend in Ishpeming. Who would have guessed that after spending most of our winter in the west, the first warm and sunny weather we would encounter on the road would be in Michigan! The temps reached 55F multiple days in a row, some of us even got sunburned, and I raced without long underwear for the first time all winter. Luckily the snow hung in there for our races...

Ollie walking through food truck heaven at the 
Ishpeming venue
Huge thanks to Jen and Tom (parents of GRP rower, 
Wes Vear) for hosting us at their beautiful 
home in Marquette!
We thoroughly enjoyed our delicious dinners at the 
Delft and Donckers (both restaurants are owned 
and run by Jen and Tom). 
Our SuperTour race weekend consisted of a skate sprint followed by a 5k classic, which was combined with a midwestern college race. Four GRP women qualified for the skate sprint which was awesome. There were 22 women competing so only 16 qualified for heats as opposed to the usual 30. It was a relatively flat two-lap race which was quite different from most skate sprints we've done. Caitlin and I both made the 4-person final where she placed second and I was fourth. Inspired by our teammate Susan's spectacular second-place finish in the mass start at IBU World Champs, the following day's classic race went incredibly well for the GRP culminating in our first podium sweep! I finished first (for my first SuperTour win), Caitlin was second, and Liz was third. Thanks to Nick, Ollie, and Pepa we had some of the best skis I've ever raced on. I had skied the downhills very aggressively during my warm-up, but on the first downhill in the actual race I almost flew off the course because my skis were so fast! I also had bombproof kick. I feel incredibly lucky (and a bit spoiled) that having amazing race skis is a norm and not an exception on this team.
Classic 5k GRP podium sweep!
(photo: Pepa)
Afternoon jog to a lighthouse!
We may have jumped a fence and ducked a
chain to get to the end of this walkway...
Who's who?!
Caitlin exploring a stone wall
Main Street in Marquette covered in snow 
for a dogsled race
Some speedy dogs
After the SuperTour we headed to Hayward for the Birkie. Unfortunately there wasn't much snow there and after a week of hoping some might fall from the sky, the race got cancelled. It was definitely a disappointment, but we made the most of our week in Wisconsin and staved off boredom with relative success.

Chilling in Hayward, waiting for snow...
Good thing we did a lot of grass skiing this
summer in preparation for the Birkie!
Main Street in Hayward looking awfully snowless
Cheering on the Junior and BarneBirkie racers! Just in
case you can't tell, they're running not skiing...
Our favorite Hayward activity... lounging in recliners
Skiing the Birkie trail with Annie, Liz, and Caitlin. 
It was at this point that we decided to turn around...
We got to help out with a fun Fast and 
Female event while in Hayward! 
(photo: Reese Brown/SIA Nordic)
We actually found some decent skiing in Cable on our 
last day in Wisconsin thanks to a light dusting of snow. 
Also, the sun finally came out which made the ski that 
much better.
After returning from the midwest, we spent a few weeks at home before heading up to Quebec City for World Cup Finals. More on that soon!

During my time at home I got to watch my sister compete at
NCAAs. In her last college race she placed 10th to become
Bowdoin's first ever All-American skier! She skied
an amazing race and I'm incredibly proud of her!